Minnow seeks star parents

Posted: August 8, 2008

ETO has been contacted by television production company Minnow Films, which has been commissioned by Channel 4 to develop a one hour documentary about people who juggle successful careers in the adult entertainment business with their role as a full time parent.

Minnow Films is looking to find families where the mother or father – or both – are well known performers, and the idea is to film the documentary from the point of view of their child or children, to offer a fresh perspective on modern family life and on the adult entertainment industry in the UK. Ideally the children would be in their mid to late teens, so it is likely that their parents will have built well established careers already.

If this sounds like you, and you’d like to be involved in the programme, call Bruce Fletcher on 020 3051 5352 ext: 73 or email bruce@minnowfilms.co.uk

Further information on the production company can be found at www.minnowfilms.co.uk