Vaginas on Channel 4 this Sunday

Posted: August 15, 2008

At 10pm this Sunday (17th August) Channel 4 will air the latest episode in its G-Spot documentary season, The Perfect Vagina. The programme looks at the increasing trend of women who resort to cosmetic surgery to create a ‘designer vagina’ – apparently it is now the fastest growing area of cosmetic surgery – and presenter Lisa Rogers visited Brighton Body Casting to document the process of having a vagina cast made.

Lisa was so taken with the concept that she had her own vagina cast for artist and body caster Jamie McCartney’s work-in-progress Design A Vagina sculpture. This project will contain 160 casts of vaginas and according to Jamie: “One is able to stare without shame but in wonder and amazement at this exposé of human variety. For the fist time for many women they will be able to see their own genitals in relation of other women’s. In doing so they may dispel many misconceptions and insecurities they may have been carrying.”

The first section of the project can currently be seen at Brighton’s Impure Art exhibition and when completed it will be going on a European tour.

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