It’s official – the sexiest men drive Jaguars!

Posted: February 19, 2014

ETO’s editor was delighted* to learn from a new survey that women find Jaguar drivers the sexiest. A whopping 37% put the British-built car maker in ‘poll position’ in the study, conducted among 2,300 female members of UK extramarital dating website, while its nearest rivals – Audi and Mercedes – could only call on the support of 22% and 17% respectively. Finishing just outside the podium positions were fellow German brands Porsche and BMW, on 9% and 4%. The least sexy car brand was, by some margin, Nissan – with 44% of the vote. cited Jaguar’s recent #GoodToBeBad TV campaign as perhaps playing a factor in the results. The ad features actor Tom Hiddleston – actor, Jaguar driver, and recently crowned Elle Man of the Year – playing one of a trio of Jaguar driving British villains. The study concludes: “Quintessentially British, smooth, suave and sophisticated, it’s no surprise that Jaguar are still at the forefront of popularity; a jewel in the crown of British engineering, each of their models boasts the most beautiful designer curves with world class mechanics to match.”

Addressing BMW’s comparatively poor result, the site quoted one female member as describing Bavarian Motor Works drivers as “Arrogant and not sexy”.

Mike Taylor, a spokesperson for, said: “To men, cars are synonymous with sex appeal. It’s not about just getting from A to B in comfort – style and appearance are also important. Men’s cars are often a reflection of their personalities, mirroring if they are reliable, stylish, economical or extravagant, and women use this information to make snap judgements about their potential partner. Jaguar seems to have it all in the eyes of the ladies, so it’s no surprise they find their drivers highly desirable.”

According to the survey, after Nissan the other least sexy car brands were Volvo (18%), Renault (17%), Toyota (10%) and Vauxhall (6%).

*Would it be inappropriate to mention that ETO’s editor drives a Jaguar while publisher Lee Schofield drives a BMW?