Fifth dimension: Leg Avenue Europe celebrates its five-year anniversary

Posted: September 1, 2017

Leg Avenue Europe celebrated its fifth anniversary last month. The brand originated in Los Angeles as a family hosiery business, when the Tsai family began designing unique hosiery and selling it on market stalls and kiosks in the area. From stockings to sexy lingerie, this small family business evolved quickly and it is now one of the leading brands in the erotic lingerie market.

Five years ago, as part of this growth, Leg Avenue Europe opened its doors as the European branch of Leg Avenue. Since then, the number of employees has increased along with its sales. Leg Avenue Europe’s Brigit Limmen said: “The past five years have been a blast. I have been with Leg Avenue Europe from the beginning, when we started with only eight employees. Look at where we are now, we have a team of 20 employees and that all happened in just five years. What I like most about Leg Avenue is the friendly customer service we offer, it creates a bond with our clients. The feedback, passion and enthusiasm of the management, Walter and Trudy, is what drives employees to put their heart into the company and enjoy their work. And of course, the cosiness and fun within this team is important as well. I could never see myself working for another company and that says it all.”

The Leg Avenue Europe team celebrated its five year anniversary with a surprise weekend full of activities organised by Walter Kroes and Trudy Pijnacker.