Prowler product portfolio increased

Posted: September 1, 2017

Since Prowler joined forces with ABS Holdings, the distributor’s selection of gay male brands has increased significantly, and the firm has recently added more pleasure products from Rascal, Boneyard, Pjur and Swiss Navy to its collection.

“When it comes to hydration and sensation-packed encounters, we love Pjur for their high quality lubricants,” the company said. Prowler is taking stock of a range of Pjur lubricants including Pjur Original and a range of Back Door lubes like Back Door Glide, Comfort and Back Door Serum.

“Boneyard products have also arrived, as we stock up on essentials that we know customers will love,” the company said. “In the name of better sex, we’re also adding Swiss Navy lubricants to our collection and you can look forward to silicone and water-based lubricants as well as anal lubricants and arousal gels. We’re stocking Skwert water bottle douche kits that transform any standard water bottle into an instant douche. These are great for spontaneous encounters or pleasure-on-the-go and are (literally) a handy addition when it comes to hygiene! We are also stocking the lube injector and Pucker Tonic Anal Bleach and Repair – a formula that evens out skin tone while it heals and hydrates.

“Rascal products are also on our list of favourite brand new arrivals. We have taken stock of the Brawn leash in black and clear – this toy gives you unique and creative options when it comes to restriction! It’s adjustable and made from high quality silicone. The Mansizer is a great extender that comes with a ball strap that keeps it secure while you play. The Player offers dual layer silicone for a firm but flexible feeling and we love that it comes with a suction base that keeps it attached to any smooth, clean surface for hands free play.”

Other Rascal anal toys now being offered include the Ass Rod Training Kit V2, the Initiation Training Kit V2, the Inmate V2 butt plug in two sizes, and Anal Baller bottom beads in three sizes. A wide range FleshPhallix cocks are also now available, including Adam Killian, Eddie Stone and Brent Everett.

The firm concluded: “We’re not just replenishing stocks of classic favourites, we’re also adding new products all the time, ensuring that Prowler remains your number one option for high quality essential gay brands.” For more information visit