Skins Sexual Health celebrates its first decade

Posted: July 26, 2018

Skins Sexual Health is celebrating 10 years in business, and it has ambitious plans for its next decade. The brand first hit the market with Skins Condoms, and the intention was to ‘change the perception of contraception’ by producing a condom that people would be proud to buy, unashamed to carry, and ultimately enjoy wearing. A recent survey of over 400 students at Lincoln University, commissioned by the company, suggests it has gone a long way to succeeding in this aim as 82% of respondents agreed that the brand had strong appeal for them.

Milestones along its decade-long journey include partnerships with the NHS, American Pie Reunion, and cast members of Geordie Shore, endorsements from Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Pixie McKenna and sponsorship support for Eyes Open World Aids Day, National Federation of Young Farmers, and the University of Lincoln.

The brand now covers three key product areas: protection, performance, and pleasure. So in addition to Skins Condoms there are now Vibe Rings, Performance Rings, male sexual health food supplement pills Poweract, and Powerect – a 100% natural male enhancement cream. Skins see male performance as a key growth area and much of its product development is currently is in this field.

Skins co-founder Richie Bowles said: “We are passionate about sexual health. We hope to build on our success to date and enter new markets globally. As a brand we believe that a happy and healthy sex life should be available for all. Indeed, research is increasingly extolling the benefits of regular sex as a powerful force for many far-reaching health benefits. By aiming to introduce unique solutions at affordable prices we hope that Skins can continue to grow over the next ten years and play a small part in making people’s lives happier and healthier.”

Fellow co-founder Jane Bowles added: “Skins carries a simple naming policy. We wanted our brand to be as transparent as the product itself. Some people still find it embarrassing to buy condoms and therefore to make the process quick and easy, the options are clear, it is what it says on the tin, so there is no confusion or awkward conversations when purchasing our Skins. We believe this honest but funky approach to our packaging helps attract our customers – then once they’ve tried them they are hooked.”

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