Latest Sport Fucker releases now available at Dusedo

Posted: July 26, 2018

Dusedo is expecting big things from the latest batch of Sport Fucker releases, particularly now the brand has enhanced its packaging. “Sport Fucker had already surpassed itself but we can proudly say it has done it again,” Dusedo said.

The Sport Fucker Thunder Plug [pictured] has been upgraded and now it not only features a throbbing anal sensation it also offers an added cock sling. Less experienced users may well be interested in the small Slam-Jam balls, which are available in black and metal colours. Dusedo says users will immediately notice that the high quality silicone ‘feels right’ in every way.

Sport Fucker has also expanded its range of cock rings, which now includes the Trainer Ring. “This is not to be confused with Sport Fucker’s earlier edition with the same name,” said Dusedo. “This Trainer Ring is made for the penis pumpers among us. It has two handles on the side and it is designed to be attached over your pump. When your pumped junk feels nice and bulky and ready to show, you pull the ring down from the pump over your penis and balls for even more pressure and pleasure.”

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