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Settlement reached in Lelo and We-Vibe patent dispute

Settlement reached in Lelo and We-Vibe patent dispute

The long running legal battle between Lelo and We-Vibe makers Standard Innovation Corporation is over, the two firms have announced. The two companies have been involved in patent disputes since 2013 and they have reached an agreement to settle all outstanding lawsuits related to US Patent No. 7,931,605, Canadian Patent Nos. 2,591,401 and 2,684,004, the couples vibrator patents, and US patent No. 7,749,178, the inductively chargeable massager patent. The settlement includes a cross-licensing agreement that allows both companies to respectfully license and use each other’s relevant intellectual property.

“We are thrilled to see this process come to an end and to have Standard Innovation’s patent covering the We-Vibe respectfully honoured,” said Frank Ferrari, president of Standard Innovation. “We are greatly indebted to our retail and distribution partners for their support and commitment to the We-Vibe brand.”

“We are delighted to reach this positive conclusion for our distributors, retailers and consumers that will be able to enjoy Lelo’s Tiani couple’s products throughout the world. We wish to thank all our partners for their continued support,” said Steve Thomson, CMO of Lelo. “We’re now looking forward to continued strong growth for the couple’s category in the months and years ahead.”

The agreement grants Lelo a license to Standard Innovation’s couples vibrator patent for use in products such as Tiani, Tiani 2, Tiani 3, Noa and Intimina Kalia, and grants Standard Innovation a license to Lelo’s inductively chargeable massager patent.