More bucks for your Kiiroo bang

Posted: February 3, 2016

ABS Holdings has announced that it is now including a voucher for $100’s worth of free video content with every purchase of the Kiiroo Onyx. The device, hailed as a giant leap forwards in teledildonics, is a male masturbation device that can be used on its own, online, or link with its female counterpart, the Kiiroo Pearl.

“This extra video content allows you to add more visual impact to your Onyx experience, whether you’re using it as a standalone masturbator or with the Kiiroo Pearl,” said ABS Holdings. “The Onyx is created to receive data from the Pearl vibrator and can also send data to another Onyx masturbator for amazing same sex play. This toy is perfect for long distance play and with added video content, it gives you a complete experience that really engages your senses.”

ABS Holdings:

[T] 01202 868511