Screaming O charges ahead with new USB collection

Posted: January 16, 2017

Screaming O has unveiled a new range of USB-rechargeable toys in response to the growing popularity of on-demand technology. The Charged collection has taken some of Screaming O’s favourite models and incorporated a new motor that emits deep rumbling vibrations with higher intensity compared to its disposable battery-operated predecessors. With a USB charging cable, charging is made simple, easy and on-hand.

The collection includes the brand new bullet, Charged Positive, and the versatile vibrating ring, Charged Yoga. Screaming O’s UK distributor, Creative Conceptions, says that whilst the Positive is a higher pricepoint than some other models on the market, its 20 functions offer deep, penetrating vibration that satisfies even the most seasoned sex toy connoisseur. The angled tip makes it easy to pinpoint pleasure with precision and, even at highest speed, Charged Positive vibrates for more than 60 minutes. Screaming O has also included a finger cradle, which also doubles as a charging stand, providing a comfortable grip for versatile play.

“For the vibe lovers out there, who find that their previous purchases eventually tire out or don’t provide the level of power they’re longing for, the Screaming O Charged range is definitely worth the investment,” said Creative Conceptions.

The Charged range includes Vooom, Positive, OHare, FingO, Owow and Yoga. Wholesale prices for Screaming O Charged products start from £13.74.

Creative Conceptions:

[T] 01636 703454