First crowdfunding platform dedicated to adult launched

Posted: January 15, 2017

A new crowdfunding platform has launched with the specific aim of targeting the adult lifestyle and sexual health sectors. Founder of AdultXfunding Jason Maskell says the new venture will address the need for commercial opportunities in the adult sector as it has been largely ignored and not fairly represented by the mainstream financial sectors. AdultXfunding aims to provide a place for established and early stage businesses to pitch and connect with like-minded individuals looking to participate through projects in this arena.

“Although the World Bank has estimated that crowdfunding would reach $90 billion by 2020, we have seen that the global adult industry has never been fully able to access these funding options,” said Maskell. “ was created to address the lack of a viable marketplace for concepts and commercial operations to be matched with willing capital funding.”

As most ETO readers will be aware, a number of sex toys have been brought to market via other crowdfunding platforms, from established industry names as well as start-ups, but Maskell says AdultXfunding will have more to offer: “There has been a limited number of sex toys that have successfully used crowdfunding, however this is a relevantly recent development and these pitches are competing with all the other pitches available on those platforms,” he said. “We are the world’s first crowdfunding site that does not discriminate on what sector of the adult industry you are from. We welcome a variety of pitches from the adult lifestyle and sexual health sphere, and are looking forward to being able to help companies grow and access the capital funding they need.”

With AdultXfunding, entrepreneurs can also take advantage of one-to-one guidance and a hands-on approach to making the most of their pitch on offer. Additionally these business owners will have direct access to industry experts with specialist knowledge in this sector. AdultXfunding will use a secure payment scheme where funds are released once targets are met.

Pitches are now being invited. To find out more about how AdultXfunding works, visit