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Safe launches FemmeTastique for her

Safe – a Dutch manufacturer of condoms, lubricant, massage products and sex toys – has launched a new gel: the FemmeTastique clitoral stimulating gel for women.

Application of Safe FemmeTastique on and around the clitoris improves the blood flow to the sensitive erogenous tissue, which results in both hot and cold tingling. The stimulating gel is safe to use with condoms, which makes it convenient to use both with and without a partner, while the increase in sensitivity aids masturbation and enhances foreplay and intercourse. The company claims that regular use of the gel may lead to more frequent and intense orgasms.

Safe condoms can be sourced through Scala Playhouse, while the complete Safe product range is available through European wholesalers EDC Internet and Adloran Web Solutions Ltd. The UK recommended retail price for Safe FemmeTastique is £8.50.