Pre-order your Limited Edition FFS

Posted: September 26, 2012

ABS Holdings has announced that it is taking pre-orders for the Limited Edition Fetish Fantasy collection from Pipedream (a selection of which is pictured above). Glenn Wilde of ABS said: “This range has taken some of the best pieces from the Fetish Fantasy Series and given the boxes a whole new splash of colour, albeit a few shades darker than before. This will really appeal to people who may be new to sex toys, or may have recently been inspired by books or films to give the light side of S&M a try.”


He continued: “There are 31 products that have been given a facelift, from crops and paddles to Ben Wa balls and ball gags and the range is almost 50 times more eye-catching when displayed together. We do expect these items to sell really well, as we have experienced a surge in sales within the light bondage ranges. It is a Limited Edition range, so we are taking pre-orders now to ensure those who want these items are served first. It will be a grey day for those who miss out on this great range.”


For full details of this range contact ABS Holdings on 01202 868 511 or