Party time! Kheper Games launches two new party games

Posted: June 20, 2017

Kheper Games has launched two new party games which are available to order now. Ladies Night Personal Questions is an extension of its Ladies Night line of products called and I Never Have… But I Will! Is completely new.

Ladies Night Personal Questions includes 552 personal questions for women to ask each other at their bride-to-be, home party, birthday, or other female-only events. Example questions include “If your pet could talk, what would it ask you to stop doing so often?” and “What happened the last time you accidentally peed a little?” Players roll an eight-sided dice and ask the corresponding question from a game card for the number rolled. Two other players volunteer their answers and the group then votes and awards the card as a point to the teller of their favourite story. Play continues until a player collects five cards and is declared the winner.

I Never Have… But I Will! includes 600 outrageous adult-themed dares. It takes the popular ‘I Never Have…’ game concept and turns it into a drinking game or a game that can be played for points. Sample dares include “Licked off someone else’s lipstick” and “Let others treat my bare ass crack like a hot dog bun.”  The game is easy to pick up and play: a player rolls a dice to select a number from a game card and then announces the I Never Have statement. Any player who has done the action then either takes a drink or stands up. The first player to say “But I Will!” then acts out the dare and if he or she does a good job following through, the card is earned.

Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham said: “Creative content is key. We have experienced strong success with our games by offering unique content in each of our party games. We don’t duplicate dares or questions, and that keeps people entertained. Also, when you offer 552-600 questions or dares in a game, it allows for dozens, if not hundreds, of nights of game play. With suggested retail prices of around $10 mark for these games, that is great value to the end consumer.”

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