Intimate Earth stars in hit HBO show Insecure

Posted: June 20, 2017

Products from Intimate Earth – and one of its staff – will be starring in an upcoming episode of HBO’s Insecure, a comedy-drama that follows the lives of two best friends who constantly find themselves in complex and awkward circumstances, created by director/actress Issa Rae.

Intimate Earth’s Desiree Hoskin explained: “It’s not every day that a boutique brand gets contacted by HBO asking if they could incorporate our products in an episode of one of their shows. Once I saw the words ‘HBO Insecure’, I immediately thought, ‘We have to jump on this!’ We were also asked if a representative of Intimate Earth could also be in the scenes. As a huge fan of the show, I just knew it had to be me!”

She continued: “Even though I was going to be on set as an extra, I knew that I was also there for work. This included making sure the Intimate Earth products were set up properly, and of course, in full view of the cameras. Without giving too many details, I will say that the set looked amazing, and it greatly surpassed my expectations. At one point, I was escorted back on set for the private rehearsal, and one of the main actresses (Yvonne Orji who plays Molly) even approached me asking about our unique products. While it was a brief interaction, it was one that I’ll never forget.

“Given that I was a rep for Intimate Earth, acting as one was far from difficult. In between takes, it was interesting to observe the curious onlookers that checked out our products. People kept approaching me, asking me more about the company, and saying how lucky we are to have a spot on the show. Speaking of lucky, I was told several times that our products were ‘in the hot zone’ for filming.”

Desiree concluded: “Being on the Insecure set was such an intriguing and learning experience as I got to see more of what happens behind the scenes. It was also really interesting to see how they incorporated our products in this episode. I discovered that every single person involved with this production was important, including an extra like myself who signed on at the last crucial minute. For now, we are waiting with bated breath for the second season to premiere, which is set to air on July 23rd this year, with the episode we are in about four weeks after that. As soon as an adult product is featured on a hit show, people go to stores asking for the product. We are excited as this is going to increase ongoing sales for retailers as this series will also be bought up by syndication companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime.”

Intimate Earth’s products can be purchased in the UK from Creative Conceptions.