Orion introduces Abierta Fina

Posted: September 5, 2012

This month sees the launch of a new and exclusive lingerie label from German wholesaler Orion. The new label, Abierta Fina, is described as pure femininity, combining elegant lingerie with easy-entry features.


Its name comes from the Spanish words for ‘open’ and ‘fine’ – with the open part giving access to the wearer’s intimate area and the fine part describing the fine fabrics the garments are made from.


An Orion spokesperson said: “With Abierta Fina, the focus was on premium quality, not just for the lingerie itself but also for the packaging of it – it comes wrapped with a paper strap and is packed in a deluxe design box.”


The Abierta Fina range includes 10 items and Orion says it is “especially for women who like to single out their sexiness in a classy way”. It is available only through Orion. Contact Hauke Christiansen via hchristiansen@orion.de for more details.