Lingox to take legal action over ‘malicious rumours’

Posted: February 21, 2017

Lingox has issued a public statement, signed by company president Manuel Martin, in which it refutes a number of allegations which have apparently been made against the company. The statement reads:

“Lingox Factory SL, a European company specialised in the manufacturing of erotic toys under the trademark of Lingox, and others, denies and denounces the dissemination of false information that is intended to confuse clients, discredit and damage the company Lingox Factory SL and the products that they manufacture. We wish to make it completely clear that the malicious and erroneous information being disseminated by the competition, and persons related to it, is creating confusion in the marketplace and causing damages to the factory, trademark, partners and clients.

Due to these circumstances, Lingox Factory SL sees itself obliged to release the following official declaration: that Lingox Factory, SL is a company that is manufacturing and operating legally in the industry; that all of the products manufactured by Lingox Factory SL and its trademarks are internationally registered; that the male masturbator manufactured by Lingox Factory, SL has an International Patent filed on, as the only male masturbator in the world with incorporated dildo / prostate massager; that Lingox Factory SL is a 100% legal company, and the products that it produces are not only 100% legal, but also unique and innovative; that Lingox Factory SL will take whatever legal action it deems necessary against any company or person that disseminates, or has disseminated in the past, any accusation or affirmation that negatively affects the credibility or honour of Lingox Factory, SL or any of its persons.

Furthermore, we ask industry professionals to be responsible and to not spread these messages whose unethical intention is to purport lies, and damage a company and persons.

As an industry we cannot tolerate these kinds of damaging allegations against a factory, its products, and trademarks, when they are free of any wrongdoing and are legally established, like Lingox Factory SL. It is the duty of all of us, and in all of our mutual interests, to be honest, fair and denounce any kind of wrongdoing or slandering that we become aware of. These acts of unfair competition should be denounced to the authorities immediately, for our own good and for the good of the market.

Due to the defamatory campaign suffered by Lingox Factory SL, this company has decided to complain to the relevant authorities so that the source of the campaign is revealed, and Lingox Factory SL can thereafter take the corresponding legal action against the relevant parties.

At Lingox Factory SL we will continue to refute the defamatory accusations that we are the victims of, and we will continue to investigate to see where these malicious rumours are coming from, and take all corresponding and necessary legal action.”