Midnight feast: Creative Conceptions adds to Sportsheets’ comfort-with-kink collection

Posted: February 21, 2017

With Fifty Shades Darker very much at the forefront of consumers’ minds, Creative Conceptions has chosen an excellent time to add four new lines to Sportsheets’ Midnight range; the Bling Flogger, two Bunny Butt Plugs in silicone and metal, and a Satin Mask. Creative Conceptions said: “Midnight is a thrilling addition to Sportsheets’ catalogue, offering a range that incorporates drama, elegance and glamour.”

Creative added that the Midnight range has been created to appeal to the masses, combining comfort with kink, making it ideal for beginners or those who enjoy a ‘milder’ form of play. And the quality of the product is matched by the packaging, making it a perfect gift purchase. The distributor believes that the Bling Flogger, with crystal-embellished detailing and faux-leather strands, is destined to be a favourite of the collection, while the Bunny Butt Plugs offer something very different to consumers. The lines will be available from mid-March and prices start at £6.57.

Account executive Brad Taylor said: “The Midnight bunny butt plugs are a new direction for us at Creative Conceptions and they’ve already created some excitement. The Midnight range has been hugely popular and I’m sure these new pieces will be just as well received.”

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