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Filming begins for James Deen Hollywood debut, “The Canyons”.

Porn actor James Deen will not be having sex with Lindsay Lohan in forthcoming Hollywood feature film “The Canyons”. The film, by “American Psycho” writer, Bret Easton Ellis, began production in Los Angeles yesterday, and is “not a porno,” Deen told U.S. based news resource, Xbiz. “There is no actual sex in the movie.” He added that while there are sex scenes in “The Canyons,” they won’t involve penetration. “Every single scene is filled with plot points,” Deen said. “It’s not being shot like a porno. It’s not meant to arouse. The scenes are meant to move the story along.”

The 26-year-old porn actor was hand-picked by Ellis to play the main character, Christian, who is described as “a handsome, fit, power player and major manipulator” who likes to film himself in kinky sex scenes.

Deen has expressed a favourable early impression of director Paul Schrader, known for classics “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” and “American Gigolo”.  “I think he’s an amazing director. I’m really impressed with him,” said Deen. “I was warned by all these people. There were rumours he used to sleep with a gun underneath his pillow. But he has a way of communicating with each individual actor. The way he talks to me and the way he talks to the other actors is completely different. He’s really open.”

The Lionsgate feature is billed as a contemporary thriller of “youth, glamour, sex and Los Angeles, circa 2012,” centred on “a good group of people getting together to make something good for the sake of making something good.”

Deen was quick to point out that he won’t be having sex with Lindsay Lohan off camera either: “I’m not hooking up with Lindsay,” said Deen, in response to tabloid rumours of an off-screen romance. He boasts, though, that he and Katy Perry had been a little naughty at a recent party, adding, “I totally made out with Katy Perry. She was really drunk at some party, I was very sober. It wasn’t elaborate. We’re not having sex. She had cake on her face. It was the Fourth of July.”

Deen  is profiled in this month’s issue of GQ, and is set to be featured in the next issue of Rolling Stone magazine