S&M at the double

Posted: July 13, 2012

Sportsheets has announced that its Sex & Mischief range achieved record sales in June but that July’s numbers could double in the wake of the Fifty Shades phenomena and following the unveiling of new lines at the ANME Show.


“Sales are massive this month and our show releases are already selling at record levels,” Sportsheets president Julie Stewart said. “To keep up to speed, we’ve ramped up production to never-before-seen levels. This kind of growth at this speed is unprecedented – and absolutely exciting!”


The firm says it has increased staff numbers and production to ensure it meets demand for the S&M range of blindfolds, restraints, floggers and sexcessories.


“We are experiencing a crush of orders like never before,” Sportsheets CEO Tom Steward said. “We hit a sales record for June that we couldn’t believe and we’re on a steady track to double our sales for July. Sex & Mischief is blowing up and we couldn’t be more proud!”


“Our customers’ response to our new releases has been tremendous,” Sportsheets customer product specialist Emily Silva said. “We’ve never seen so many orders before a show!”


For more information about Sex & Mischief visit www.sexandmischief.com or contact the brand’s UK distributor Creative Conceptions on 0845 370 0377.