Egg-cite your customers with Helix this Easter, urges Scala Playhouse

Posted: February 20, 2017

With Easter less than two months away, Scala Playhouse is nudging retailers in the direction of the Helix set from the ToyJoy Designer Edition collection. Helix is a vibrating egg – hence the Easter connection – but it offers ‘double the fun for the price of one’ as its remote control can also be used as a vibrating stimulator.

“The unique Helix by ToyJoy Designer Edition truly is the best ‘value for money’ choice in vibrating eggs as this little beauty offers you twice the pleasure,” the company said. “The Helix egg is ribbed, plus made of smooth silicone for maximum comfort. It also comes with an easy-retrieval loop that ensures a carefree session of intimate play. The Helix remote control offers quick access to all the sensational functions and can be turned into a powerful vibrating stimulator with the touch of a button. This means you can use both the egg and remote control for double the vibrating fun, or pick one to discreetly please your hot spots. Indulge your consumers with this luxurious set this Easter – finding your erogenous zones with the Helix is much more enjoyable than searching for Easter eggs in the backyard…”

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