The butterfly effect: Screaming O unveils Monarch wearable vibe

Posted: February 21, 2017

Screaming O has reimagined the traditional ‘wearable butterfly vibe’ with the release of Monarch, a vibrating butterfly design connected to Screaming O’s True Silicone double-ring cock ring. Monarch features a four-function motor, body-safe materials, and extra-wide wingspan. It offers several contact points, including the wings, a ribbed middle, and two extended antennae, to stimulate the clitoris and its surrounding areas. And Screaming O says the stretchy double-ring design ensures it stays securely in while also isolating the penis and testicles for an enhanced sensation.

“The butterfly is a classic iconic sex toy shape that plays an important role in many women’s sex lives, so we wanted to give it ‘the Screaming O treatment’ with a modern hands-free twist,” said Screaming O account executive Conde Aumann. “Just as we did with the rabbit for our Ohare vibrating ring, we transformed the butterfly into something that could provide way more than just clitoral pleasure, which opens the market to an even wider audience. The updated shape combined with body-safe silicone and our trusted brand makes Monarch a must-have cock ring, especially for stores that cater to couples.”

Monarch is 100% waterproof and Screaming O says it will buzz for more than 45 minutes – and each unit comes with replaceable batteries inside the packaging. It is available in black or blue colours and marketing materials and in-store graphics are available on request. For more information visit