Sheets of San Francisco unveils new look and new colour

Posted: February 20, 2017

Sheets of San Francisco has introduced bold new packaging for its products. Engineered from cardboard rather than plastic, the company says its new packaging will have a great presence in stores and when it pops through the letterbox.

“The design features our dramatic splash logo, with simplified graphics and clear identification of the product features, plus it has a more robust and luxurious feel,” the company said.

Sheets of San Francisco has also added new white sheets to its portfolio. They are available in a full range of UK and European sizes and can be specified as fitted and flat sheets and pillowcases. There is also a duvet.

“These pristine white sheets feature all the same benefits as our main black range, but they have a very different and unexpected look and will appeal to a whole new set of customers,” the company said. “You can even leave these on the bed or hang them on the line without inviting comments from children or the neighbours. Great for a variety of scenes such as medical play etc.”

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