Be the dessert, suggests Kama Sutra

Posted: November 30, 2017

Kama Sutra is suggesting that its iconic Oil of Love foreplay oil should be used by consumers so that they ‘become the dessert’. Oil of Love is a kissable, warming foreplay oil which can be applied to erogenous zones, and by gently blowing on the product it provides a warming sensation which can be followed with sensual kisses for the prefect prelude to love. The new ‘be the desert’ concept is a recipe book containing 18 different concoctions for consumers to mix and match different Oil of Love flavours.

The recipes range from cocktails to cakes and pies. For example: two drops of the vanilla flavoured Oil of Love mixed with two drops of the coconut pineapple flavour will result in a pina colada. For a raspberry cream cake, mix one drop of the coconut pineapple flavour, two drops vanilla flavour, and two drops of the raspberry flavour.

“On the one hand it inspires consumers to make foreplay more fun and try out new recipes themselves,” said Kama Sutra. “On the other it gives retailers a solid base to sell the products by telling a story. They don’t have to think of a concept themselves – Kama Sutra has done that for them.”

Kama Sutra:

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