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Adult firms embrace election

The UK media – if not the UK itself – is currently gripped by general election fever and two adult firms have been quick to jump on the bandwagon with imaginative – and some might say almost subversive – marketing initiatives.

Retail giant Ann Summers targeted a number of keywords pertinent to both the general election and its own product offering – such as ‘hung parliament’ and ‘Brown hole’ – and the sponsored links brought the browser to a dedicated Erection Pledge page, with a model wearing a ‘Vote Pink Not Brown’ rosette.
The Ann Summers Manifesto address issues such as crime (“Whips, hand cuffs, spankers and restraints are needed for all naughty boys and girls who misbehave”), Employment “We encourage all kinds of jobs, oral skills and good with your hands are an essential requirement though…” and Services (“We love men in uniform – Policemen, Firemen, Army Men – the more the better!”.

Meanwhile, online retailer LoveHoney introduced a General Election Love Ring, and asked buyers to say which of the three party leaders they would most like to have sex with. LoveHoney stated that over 2,000 General Election Love Rings were sold in the first 24 hours of going on sale, with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg picking up a whopping 47% of the vote. The Conservatives’ David Cameron came second with 29% while Labour’s Gordon Brown limped into third with 24%.