ETO Show exhibitors: Planet Earth Wholesale

Posted: June 4, 2013

This year, in addition to its established brands, Planet Earth will be showcasing Perfect Fit, Überlube, Ultimate, VerSpanken and Masque. The company says these products are key to its strategy of going back to its roots and will complement its existing top sellers, such as Jes Extender, Male Edge, VigRX and Pink Daisy. A company spokesperson said: “With Perfect Fit and VerSpanken, we have two innovative brands that offer a completely unique proposition in the male toy market, giving men a long awaited alternative to masturbation sleeves. Both these brands will do well for years to come thanks to offering great design, a good price point and products that do the job better than anything else available. In the next 12 months, we are confident both Überlube and Ultimate will become firm favourites in the consumables market. Überlube brings with it a fantastic reputation from the US and has crossed over into the mainstream market thanks to exceptional feedback in the sports and hair styling industries. Ultimate meanwhile has had a solid launch period and continues to expand its range, delivering EU legal formulations across its vast range of compatible male enhancement products. We have invested a lot in marketing Ultimate and will continue to do so to make it the first choice for men looking for legal herbal enhancement products. Finally, we will be introducing Masque, an oral sex enhancer with a unique strip delivery method. Placed on the tongue, it dissolves in seconds leaving a lasting taste in the user’s mouth that makes oral sex more flavoursome and appealing.”

The company will use the ETO Show as a platform to talk to customers face to face about these products for the first time, and as a way to give customers a preview of products that it will be pushing in the media over the next 12 months. With regard to offers, the spokesperson said: “To see if we are running any show offers, customers will have to visit us on our stand. As promised, our main offer will come as a reward for all those customers who supported us at the show by voting for us – if we win an ETO Award in any category we will be following this up with a promotion based on that award. This is something that has worked well for us in the past and it gives us a great way of gauging feedback on product lines – showing us what products are most popular and where demand is in the market – and it also gives customers a big thank you from us for their loyalty that can be measured by their profits.”