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Google Glass ban porn in wake of Tits & Glass early success

Google Glass ban porn in wake of Tits & Glass early success

24 hours. That’s how long the first dedicated porn app for Google Chrome lived.

The cleverly named “Tits & Glass” was available briefly in its intended form via a website of the same name. From here, Google Glass owners could download the “Tits & Glass” app directly onto their Google Glass.

Unfortunately, shortly after the app appeared, Google discretely, and without notice, changed its Glass Platform Developer Policies, prohibiting apps that contain sexually explicit content altogether.

Tits & Glass was to be a community based app, that allowed users to browse, share, rate and comment on user-generated pornographic content, including their own sexy Glass pictures.

The pre-loaded pictures that populated the app initially were optimised specially for Google Glass and presented in a way that would give users a hands-free immersive experience. The developers of Tits & Glass, MiKandi, reported nearly 10,000 unique visitors in one day.

Google’s “Content policies” section now reads: “We don’t allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.”

MiKandi stated in a subsequent blog post that it would comply with the new policy, despite having had no direct contact regarding the change of Developer Policies by Google.

“When we received our Glass and started developing our app 2 weeks ago, we went through the policy very carefully to make sure we were developing the app within the terms,” wrote MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams in the blog. “We double checked again last week when making the site live on the Internet and available for install for testing during last week’s announcement. We were not notified of any changes and still haven’t been notified by Google,”

“Although the app is still live and people are using it, at this point we must make changes to the app in order to comply with the new policies. Expect to see changes to the application tomorrow,” wrote Adams.

ETO readers can still get an idea of what the app is all about on the Tits & Glass website at titsandglass.com