Zohara now in stock at Altergeo

Posted: September 27, 2016

Alterego Lingerie has announced that Zohara, its new hosiery brand, is now in stock and available to buy. The distributor says that the Zohara brand features on the shelves of many fashion stores around the world, both traditional and adult, but has strongholds in Australia, Canada, and the USA.

“When Zohara was conceived, the innovators looked for the right combination between original art, precise fashion, high quality, and perfect comfort, with attention to detail,” said Alterego’s operations director Gareth Laycock. “They created a colourful and exciting collection of tights that is almost endless. The designs are the result of the inspiration that the designer herself  draws  from cultures and places around the world, and the hosiery is reflected in a collection of fashionable tights she likes to call art! There are loads of innovative, quirky and erotic designs, no minimum order quantities, and they’re here in the UK ready for winter sales – RRPs are between £19.99 and £23.99.”

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