Package deal: Godemiche opts for foil-lined pouches

Posted: September 27, 2016

Godemiche has updated the packaging for its handmade silicone dildos. The company says it has experimented with various different packaging solutions over the last 12 months, in an attempt to find one that would have as little impact on price and landfill as possible while still representing the quality of the product and brand values of the company.

It believes its new packaging emphasises simplicity and visibility. The foil-lined zip lock pouch is branded on one side and clear on the other, allowing customers to see the contents without needing to ask the retailer to open it.

“Beauty and affordability are at the forefront of everything we do,” said Adam Breedon of Godemiche. “As a customer we appreciate value for money and packaging being generally thrown away felt like an unnecessary extra cost we were willing to exclude. As Godemiche grows so have its customers’ expectations. We are continually having to face the fact that ‘proper packaging’ is an expectation when ordering despite its quick transition to the bin.Packaging had to be elegant, beautiful and affordable for the consumer and add, if only a little, to the experience of receiving their very own unique Godemiche. We feel the new packaging ticks all of the required boxes and elevates our brand to a new level of professionalism while still being beautiful, affordable and surprisingly 100% handmade.”


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