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X marks the disruptive spot for Coco de Mer

X marks the disruptive spot for Coco de Mer

London retailer Coco de Mer will be making quite a splash in cinemas with its new advert X, which runs for two minutes 30 seconds and features a fair bit of nudity. The creative is a result of collaboration between TBWA\London and photographer/director Rankin (John Rankin Waddell).

TBWA\London styles itself as “the Disruption agency” and, in its own words, it claims: “If you’re not disrupting, you’re conforming. If you’re conforming, you’re going unnoticed. We want our clients’ brands to be noticed, to have a role in people’s lives, to make all of the other brands in the category the me-toos. So we disrupt.”

The X ad spot aims to “engage people in a new, liberated conversation around desire” and throws a mass of images at the viewer, “from the seemingly banal to evocative Coco de Mer lingerie”. Shot by an ensemble of directors and photographers including Rankin, Vicky Lawton, David Allain, Damien Fry & Joe Hunt, Trisha Ward and Bronwyn Parker-Rhodes, the concept was created by Walter Campbell, Creative Director at TBWA\London.

Walter Campbell commented: “As masters in the art of longing and yearning, Coco de Mer were in the perfect position to encourage a more progressive and liberated viewpoint for those who are interested. The erotic doesn’t get the same overt attention as everything else on the cultural menu, so we created a film to surprise, excite and most importantly, encourage people to delve that little bit deeper into their fantasies – to reignite that connection”

Lucy Litwack, managing director of Coco de Mer commented: “We want to set a conversation in motion that talks about what is actually inspiring the mind to return to the notions of sexual delight. The core of the campaign is Coco de Mer’s real commitment to creating a more vital, more beautiful erotic landscape through which our audience can explore.”

Rankin added: “What I loved about the concept was how it visualised the way in which we absorb information nowadays. It examines our appetite for visceral and engaging imagery, reflecting how we consume as quickly as a click. This film takes our obsessions and ramps them up to intense new levels. Rather than selling you a dream, we’re allowing people to feel like they’re in one, experiencing it live as they watch the film unfold.”

You can judge for yourself by watching the ad here.