Womanizer Plus Size now available

Posted: January 19, 2017

The Womanizer Plus Size, which was one of the highlights of 2016’s EroFame, is now available from Orion Wholesale. The new device features a longer, flatter shape and larger buttons to aid ease of use. The front is black and velvety soft and rear is shiny and white, and these contrasting tones are separated by golden detailing.  rearon one side  and it is finished with golden highlights.

“Just like all the previous Womanizer models, the Womanizer Plus Size’s Pleasure Air Technology makes contactless stimulation of the clitoris possible,” said Orion Wholesale. “And the 10 intensity levels, for the contactless stimulation of the clitoris, can be adjusted at the push of a button.”

For more information visit www.womanizer-wholesale.com