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We-Vibe makers launch Science of Sex blog


Standard Innovation Corporation has announced the launch of its new blog, the Science of Sex. From insights revealed in the company’s research lab to insights from guest bloggers, Science of Sex will investigate and share with the public the many domains of sexuality from cultural trends to psychological factors to physiological responses.

The company behind the We-Vibe range says that to deliver on its commitment to creating innovative, body-safe and eco-friendly products, it collaborates with therapists, obstetrics and gynaecology professionals, and sexuality researchers from around the world. Through the Science of Sex blog, the company aims to make accurate information accessible to everyone by bridging the gap between research being conducted and its availability in the public domain; sparking discussions about sexuality; and sharing its passion and enthusiasm for sexual health and wellness.

“For many reasons, people are more open today than they were a decade ago to participate in conversations about sexual health and wellness,” said Danny Osadca, CEO of Standard Innovation. “We’ve seen it from a distance watching the Fifty Shades of Grey sensation and we’ve seen it up close with the success of our couples- and solo-use vibrators. Amongst the sexology community and our partners there are thought leaders who hold vast amounts of sexual health knowledge. We want to share that knowledge along with our own for the benefit of all.”

The blog can be found at www.standardinnovation.com/scienceofsex/


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