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Ultimate range gets lubed up

Planet Earth has announced an addition to the Ultimate range of male products, Ultimate Lube. It is claimed that the stimulating formula can help men achieve arousal, maximise sensation and improve sexual satisfaction as it draws blood to the surface of the skin whilst maintaining a viscous layer on top of the skin.

Planet Earth’s Sam Godfrey stated: “The Ultimate range is arguably the most comprehensive range of male enhancement products on the market and has been a huge success since its launch thanks to its excellent branding and EU compliant formulations. The introduction of Ultimate Lube opens up another exciting series of possibilities for the brand and helps consumers make better choices about the products they use. Because products in the Ultimate range have been designed to be compatible with one another, men can buy a series of products quickly and without worry – assured that each one of the Ultimate products is as good as the next.”

Planet Earth say that Ultimate Lube will also benefit women when applied to the clitoris as its formulation will help to draw blood to its surface for extra sensation.  For more information contact Planet Earth on 01924 333 320 or email [email protected]