Vooom at the top: Screaming O claim record figures for bullet launch

Posted: March 21, 2016

The Screaming O has announced that its recently launched Vooom Bullets have become the fastest selling line in the company’s 11 year history. The Vooom Bullet debuted in January and Screaming O says it sold 20,000 units in less than two months.

Vooom Bullets are equipped with a low-pitch motor which, Screaming O states, hums at a frequency unlike any other mini vibe on the market, providing a deep, rumbling vibration that penetrates beneath the skin’s surface. The result is said to be a dramatically different sensation that reduces the risk of desensitisation from higher-frequency vibes and a more satisfying experience.

“Vooom Bullets may look ordinary from the outside but they pack a deep and penetrating vibration that’s never been felt from a bullet vibe before,” The Screaming O account executive Conde Aumann said. “The difference can be felt right away and buyers have been blown away by how unique the lower-pitched vibration feels. We knew Vooom Bullets would be a success but never anticipated such incredible sales numbers. 20,000 units to date, and the numbers keep climbing.”

For more information visit https://screamingo.com/ or contact Screaming O’s UK distributor, Creative Conceptions.