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Überlube set to hit the UK

Planet Earth has announced that it is introducing Überlube to the UK. The company says that the one-product brand has been a huge success in the US, partly due to its unique properties which have seen it used as a sexual lubricant and cross over into the styling and sports markets.

Überlube’s silicone formula is described as being long-lasting, non-greasy, and extraordinarily thin to the touch, making it a close match to natural sexual fluids. It is claimed that one application can last for up to four hours and it can also be used underwater.

Planet Earth operations director Sam Godfrey commented: “Überlube offers consumers exceptional sexual lubrication, giving long-lasting results that will make sex feel better. The branding of Überlube is simple and stylish and will fit into any type of retail outlet and appeal to a wide demographic of user – which is one of the key reasons the brand has become adopted by mainstream businesses.”

Planet Earth added that in addition to the sexual health market, Überlube has enjoyed success in the sports sector as it can help prevent chaffing during endurance sports such as running and cycling and it has also been used by swimmers to protect the hair follicle from chlorine. Furthermore, it has even been used in the US hair styling market as it can help to condition, add sheen and protect from frizzing.

Überlube will be on show for the first time at June’s ETO Show and will be available in 100ml and 50ml bottles with sample sizes also available upon request. For more information contact Planet Earth on 01924 333 320 or email [email protected]