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The Sport returns for Tantus

The Sport returns for Tantus

Tantus has announced that it is revitalising one of its classic lines, the Sport. The medium sized toy, which the company says offers 5.5” of insertable length, features a sculpted head intended for G-spotting and a long, slender shaft which delivers a smooth stroke. It is also available in an extended version which boasts an additional 2” of length.

“The Sport is a classic design and a fan favourite,” said Walter Hinchman, Tantus director of sales and marketing. “It was only a matter of time before we brought it back.”

The Sport has a new tear-dropped base that is said to provide an ergonomic grip for thrusting and a structurally sound design for providing optimal comfort and fit during harness play. The Sport and Sport Long are also available in black, midnight purple and a new Tantus colour, silver.

“The new tear-dropped base and the pliability in form will easily make the Sport climb its way into our top 20 products over the next year,” added Hinchman. For more information contact your favourite Tantus distributor or visit www.tantusinc.com