Tokyo Designs range now available from ABS

Posted: August 5, 2014

ABS Holdings has announced that the Maro Kawaii range by Tokyo Designs, which made its UK debut at June’s ETO Show, is now in stock.

“The Maro Kawaii range was a real hit at the show,” said Glenn Wilde of ABS. “From their slightly surreal yet alluring shapes to their immense vibration power, they certainly attracted a lot of attention. There are 13 designs in all and they are all phthalate free, fully waterproof and made from high grade silicone. They are all USB rechargeable and beautifully packaged.”

Wilde highlighted four of the range: “Special mention must be made to 0 and 3,” he said. “Both of these toys have a tongue-like appearance and boast a movement that is sure to get tongues wagging, while 5 and 11 have a unique ‘undulation’ feature that really sets them apart but in truth, each of the 13 designs brings something new to the table.”

For more details contact the ABS sales team on 01202 868511 or email