Tenga enters couples market

Posted: October 4, 2013

One of the leading names in male pleasure products, Tenga, has announced the launch of its first line aimed at couples. The Vi-Bo range is designed around a vibrating orb core which, when combined with different covers, makes up a range of five different products.

The Vi-Bo Ring Orb can be worn like a cock ring, the Vi-Bo Finger Orb is designed to be worn on a finger, Vi-Bo Hand Orb is worn on the palm of the hand, freeing up the fingers, Vi-Bo Twin Orb has a flexible body to stimulate two points simultaneously, and Vi-Bo Stick Orb features two balls which provide strong vibrations.

Tenga says that Vi-Bo products are waterproof up to depths of 50cm, meaning they can be used in the bath, and each variant is supplied with 3xLR44 tester batteries.

The company stated: “Unlike most bedroom toys of the past that have existed solely for one person to use on another, the Vi-Bo items are a ‘love support item’ that provide an opportunity for couples to share a deeper communication. The simple, small designs are easy to use for any experience level, and the colourful designs provide an accessible product that makes it easier for a couple to say, ‘Hey, how about we try this tonight?’”

The vibrating orb core is not designed to be used on its own and is not sold separately. For further information visit www.tenga-global.com