Spreading happiness: Darker movie boosts Lovehoney spreader sales

Posted: February 14, 2017

Lovehoney says it has seen sales of spreader bars rocket after the much anticipated Fifty Shades Darker movie was premiered at the end of last week. Over the weekend prior to Valentine’s Day, the company says that sales across its seven websites have increased by 221%.

Alice Little, head of online trading, commented: “We were beyond excited to see the film and we were all on tenterhooks to see what Christian was going to whip out this time round. The way in which the spreader bar was treated in the film was fun and unexpected. There’s been a massive surge in spreader bar sales over the film’s opening weekend, showing how much people have been inspired to add some Fifty Shades Darker magic to their own bedrooms. We’ve also seen a huge increase in nipple clamps and we’re on course to see another spike in silver ball sales – following the Great Silver Ball Shortage of 2012 after the books were first published.”

Jess Wilde [pictured], Lovehoney’s in-house bondage expert was quick off the mark to let consumers know what a spreader bar is and how to use them. A vlog was posted on the Lovehoney blog almost immediately after the premiere. For more information contact tradeenquiries@lovehoney.co.uk