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Skin Two mag goes annual

Skin Two is ceasing publication of its magazine and replacing it with a hardcover annual yearbook devoted to the fetish scene. Co-founder and editor Tim Woodward (pictured) told ETO’s Paul Smith: “Skin Two magazine has for a long time been published around twice per year, although it varies a lot – once, we had an interval of over a year between issues. So I’ve decided to upgrade it to a posh ‘coffee table’ annual hardcover book costing around £25. Currently the magazine is £10 or $20. This will be the definitive fetish yearbook, much more upmarket than the magazine, with much more real content, beautiful glossy photography and artwork, and far better presentation. It will be something for aficionados and fans of the fetish and BDSM scenes to collect for their bookshelf. The first issue of the new Skin Two, in book form, will be out early in 2009.”

Expanding on his plans, Woodward added: “Advertising is key to the changes. Over the years, the web has taken over as a reference source. People go to our magazine – and will go to the book – for serious content and they go to the web for information on fetish shops and suppliers. To make the most of this trend we will be transferring advertising to the Skin Two Directory, which will be online at skintwodirectory.com. This way, ads will be much cheaper for fetish businesses – from only £99 for a year- an d they will reach many more people. Online advertising can also be added to and altered any time, of course, giving our advertisers better control over their ad targeting and date-sensitive content.”