gets sexy

Posted: December 17, 2008

Boots has commented on its recent decision to add both the Philips’ Intimate Massagers and the Durex Play range to its website offering. There are three models of Intimate Massagers and the Durex Play range includes massage mouse, orgasm enhancing gel for women and massage melts.

David Hurst, Healthcare Buyer for said: “We recognise experts’ opinions that an enjoyable sex life can allow couples to strengthen their relationship, as well as having health benefits too – increased happiness, reduced stress and a deepening emotional connection. These two new ranges demonstrate a responsible, sensitive and discreet approach to sexual enhancement which we believe our customers will appreciate, and the fact that they can buy online can remove any fear of embarrassment, as it can all be done in the privacy of their own home.”

Visitors to the website are required to first visit the Pharmacy and Health section, then the Family Planning sub-section, before finally clicking on Sexual Enhancement to find the products though, unless they enter the products’ names in the site’s search box.