Revamp for Anna Span

Posted: April 7, 2008

Anna Span has announced that she is relaunching her entire DVD back catalogue with new artwork for both soft and hard titles. Anna commented: “We were hearing from many customers that the fashion is for softer front covers on our hard product and harder front covers on our soft product. So we sat down and redesigned the whole range, giving it continuity between titles. For the first time we included myself on the cover, because we heard that punters like to know who is making the film.”

It’s been a good year for Anna. She picked up five awards at last November’s UK Adult Film & TV Awards, including Best Director, and she also won an international Emma award for Indie Porn Pioneer in Toronto, Canada. She added: “Of course we have made more of a deal about my being Best Director this year on the covers.”

To support the revamped range her production company, Easy on the Eye, is offering free point of sale items such as posters and shelf wobblers to retail, as well as having a sale on back catalogue in the interim to clear the older covers.

The DVD revamp coincides with the relaunch of her VOD website “I am really excited about the site,” Anna said. “It looks completely individual and fresh compared to any other porn VOD site I have seen and as it focuses on VOD only, it should start making some decent income.”