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Real Doll makes it in the movies

April 15 will see MGM release Lars and the Real Girl on DVD in the UK, which is surely the first mainstream movie to feature one of US manufacturer Abyss’ Real Dolls as a supporting actress. The life-size, anatomically correct creations are a world away from that stag night staple the inflatable doll and sell for around $6,000 each. Users can customise almost every aspect of their Real Doll’s appearance, specifying body type, face, hair, skin tone and even the colour of their eyes.

In the film, which stars Ryan Gosling and Emily Mortimer, Lars introduces ‘Bianca’ to his brother and his sister-in-law and what follows is said to be an emotional journey for both Lars and all those around him.

Gosling had nothing but praise for his latex co-star. “I’m worried to say this because it makes me sound crazy, but she did have a real presence,” he told a reporter at the film’s premiere last year, seemingly without irony. “I really felt some kind of connection to her and a cammaraderie. This whole movie rested on our relationship together. She had a very supportive energy.”