PornHub reveals visitor stats

Posted: January 9, 2014

Pornhub flashed its vital stats for a flattered UK press this week. The VOD streaming site offered up a set of interactive maps to illustrate the viewing habits of randy Brits as part of a worldwide cultural kink report.

The top ranking free-to-use site occupies the number one search engine page result for the term ‘porn’ in the UK, making it an obvious choice for a quick fix. Global visitor statistics for the site are reportedly a staggering 111 million for 2013.

The report reveals that UK users tend to watch more videos and last in the region of 9 minutes and 42 seconds. This is a minute longer than the world average of 8 min 56 seconds although the American’s came in at 10 minutes and 51 seconds.

It was also showed that the Brits are more fussy in their tastes and have to view more videos before finding one that hits the spot. Sheffield viewers charge through more than 7 pages (on which there generally videos videos) in only 9 minutes. Londoners are a little less demanding, by comparison, with fewer changes of heart and more staying power at 10 minutes. It appears the British also like to keep things local, with ‘British’ being a top term throughout the UK. MILF also lists as a top term UK-wide, along with the name of the site’s star MILF Lisa Ann, who ranks first in every UK country except for England (where she ranks second). Among the more unusual results is the Scottish penchant for the ‘smoking’ fetish, while the Welsh unsurprisingly muck straight in, with ‘squirt’ ranking 5th.

The findings have been featured by the Guardian, the Mirror, The Independent and – thanks to the level of detail available in the interactive maps – a range of local news outlets too.

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