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Pjur reports positive reviews for Pjur Espresso

Pjur reports positive reviews for Pjur Espresso

A fresh cup of coffee or espresso can work miracles. It awakens a zest for life and lets you start your day full of energy. This was the idea behind Pjur’s personal lubricant, the Pjur Espresso.

The manufacturer created this water-based lubricant using the best of the coffee bean – pure caffeine without taste, odour or colour – as a stimulating active ingredient in the lubricant, which acts directly on the skin and promotes blood circulation.

ETO Award winning adult journalist, Cara Sutra, backed this claim in a recent review, “I find this lubricant great to use with silicone sex toys, for couples sex and for masturbation; I did feel much more tingly when using this lubricant for masturbation than my usual water based lube. I do feel that this lubricant is particularly stimulating. This is especially the case when used over the clitoris, during female masturbation.”

The product launched in 2013 and has gained some very positive consumer-facing reviews. Blogger, ‘Mogwai’, from France wrote, “Want to add some spice in your relationship? Pjur Espresso is a great lube for clitoris’ stimulation and during sex with your partner.”

The company also reports evidence of good customer demand for the product and rapidly increasing sales.

Two product videos are available for the Pjur Espresso for viewing online or in-shop on a screen. One describes the product in various languages and the other is more entertaining for customers. You can view these on the Pjur youtube channel: youtube.com/pjurgroup.

Pjur Espresso is available in 30ml and 100ml bottles as well as a 2ml sachet.

The products, videos and diverse marketing materials can be ordered from your Pjur representative or through [email protected]. Additional information about Pjur is available at pjur.com.