PicoBong sees double with new Power Up series

Posted: February 10, 2016

PicoBong has announced the launch of Power Up – a new line of vibes that takes five classic PicoBong designs and doubles the power. The range consists of Tano 2, Ipo 2, Kiki 2, Mahana 2, and Honi 2, which the company says are its most recognisable products.

Tano 2 is a vibrating butt plug with a handle base; Ipo 2 is a bullet-shaped slip-on finger vibe; Kiki 2 is a mini vibrator – just 4” long – with a sculpted flat tip; Mahana 2 is a duo-vibe that sports two vibrating arms, and is suitable for prostate or G-spot stimulation; while Honi 2 is a bullet-shaped vibrator with retrieval string that measures just 3” long.

Discretion has not been sacrificed by the doubling of power though, as the improved motor in the Power Up range is claimed to still only max out at 50 dB, “about the same as your lover’s whisper,” according to PicoBong. Retail prices range from £29.95 to £49.95. Retailers interested in stocking PicoBong products should contact sales@lelo.com