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PDU stars at Scala Playhouse fair

Pipedream Products held its first ever European Pipedream University [PDU] seminar at the recent Scala Playhouse trade fair in Almere, the Netherlands. The one-of-a-kind programme is designed to give Pipedream’s distribution partners the training and tools they need to effectively merchandise and market Pipedream’s award-winning brands and over 200 qualified European buyers and store owners attended.

“We’ve worked very hard to solidify our relationship with the entire Beate Uhse AG group,” said Nick Orlandino, CEO of Pipedream [pictured with Scala Playhouse CEO Serge van der Hooft]. “Through their vast distribution system and broad sales network, they’ve made Pipedream the number one brand in Europe.”

The instructional seminar included a brief company overview, sales and merchandising strategies, extensive product training, and an introduction to the brand new European version of Pipedream’s revolutionary Planogrammer software. The programme was greeted with excitement and enthusiasm, followed with diplomas for everyone, and the reaction was equally positive from both sides.

“Pipedream is inspiring innovation, investing in knowledge and creating futures for everyone in our industry,” said Scala’s product manager Rick Zwaan. “Pipedream University was fun, highly educational, and very helpful for our staff and our retail partners.”

Pipedream’s European sales executive Raymond Houtenbos added: “The crowd found PDU educational, entertaining, and informative. The event definitely strengthened our partnership between Pipedream and Scala.”

More Pipedream University training seminars are scheduled to take place in March and April, with another overseas programme taking place in the UK this coming June. A full report of the Scala Playhouse trade fair will be included in the next issue of ETO.