Offer We-Vibe buyers the ‘full brand’ experience, says Scala

Posted: August 23, 2017

Scala is recommending retailers offer their We-Vibe Sync buyers the matching We-Vibe Cleaner and Lube by Pjur. The couples’ toy is designed to be enjoyed with a partner and Pjur’s We-Vibe Cleaner and We-Vibe Lube means that consumers can enjoy a ‘full brand’ experience.

“The cleaner and lubricant by Pjur are especially formulated with the We-Vibe designs in mind,” said Scala, “providing the same premium quality standard and comfort you’d expect from the brand. To make the cleaner and lubricant even more alluring, Pjur has incorporated We-Vibe’s trendy artwork into its packaging, meaning they don’t just match the feeling of We-Vibe, but also the look.This ensures that the Pjur We-Vibe Cleaner and Lube are perfect upsell essentials to any We-Vibe purchase.”

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