Nigel Farage ‘UK’s most popular politician’ shock!

Posted: May 14, 2015

With the UK general election done and dusted for another five years you’d think we’d all have had enough of politicians but that’s not the case, according to, which is reporting that sales of underwear sporting Nigel Farage’s distinctive face is soaring.

The UKIP leader is apparently the most popular politician to keep close to your private members [see what we did there?], outselling PM David Cameron, ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband, ex-Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg and Mayor of London Boris Johnson, all of whom are part of’s Political Pants range, along with old stagers Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill.

Campbell Smith, owner of said: “We love tongue-in-cheek items, and the Political Pants were bestsellers in the run up to the election. They are the perfect way to show your support for a certain politician, or more often to give as a commiseration gift to your worst enemy – which we think might be the case with the increase in sales of Farage Political Pants. UKIP crashed out in the election and Nigel Farage resigned, which would have been celebrated by a lot of people throughout the UK. That’s the only way we can explain the Farage mystery.”

Available in both men and women’s styles, apparently.  And Farage is still the leader of UKIP, the party having refused to accept his resignation.