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New year, new POS from Scala Playhouse

New year, new POS from Scala Playhouse

Scala Playhouse has released a brand new edition of its POS brochure, which features all the latest POS materials available from the distributor. It has been updated with the latest releases for all of its in-house collections, which include Rabbits by ToyJoy, ToyJoy Drugstore, and Luz by ToyJoy – the latter of which includes elegant POS product stands.

The company said: “The Luz by ToyJoy POS display is a perfect way to display this must-have new brand to your end-consumers, instantly drawing their attention to this sleek, premium collection of LED-light toys. The best-selling Hero and Icon couples’ toys from the ToyJoy Designer Edition collection are also available to order as POS samples, plus are presentable with an illustrative poster showing the various ways to use these innovative designs.”

In addition to its own brands, Scala Playhouse also offers an extensive collection of POS materials by external names such as CalExotics, Pipedream, Jimmyjane, System Jo and more. The company said: “Whether you are looking for product stands, posters, brochures or even custom-made banners and slat wall stickers, Scala Playhouse can provide you with the best POS options to help you maximize your sales potential.”

The new POS brochure – which is updated and released monthly – is now available for download at the Scala Playhouse website via www.scalaplayhouse.com/downloads after log-in. For more information about custom-made POS materials, contact your Scala Playhouse account manager.